Amazing Adventure with Light of the World Christian Church

Amazing Adventure with Light of the World Christian Church

There are many groups within the Body of Christ, that can experience tremendous growth in their relationship with Christ, as well significant growth within their personal relationships through the intense experience of well facilitated adventure ministry.

Unfortunately however, many people don’t realize that opportunity because they dismiss adventure based activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, rappelling, and caving, having come to associate them with “X-treme Sports” or the “X Games”, where edgy young atheletes push the envelope of what’s humanly possible in puruit of the next big adrenaline rush. On the other hand, ropes courses have come to be viewed by many as little more than low-tech amusement park attractions.

For Adventure ministry & Light of the World

These activities are so much more than just mere entertainment, recreation, or the next adrenaline buzz. They are strategic tools that we have seen God use like surgical instruments to impact lives. Together, and rightly used, they can form a pathway, a door, an avenue to tremendous growth potential, not only for individuals, but for groups as well. Here are just a few groups that can be served strategically through adventure ministry.

Men’s Adventure Ministry

Learn & participate through various adventure experiences, directed meditation on Scripture and Creation, times of solitude and silence, deep interactive discussions, and other spiritual disciplines, men begin to truly connect with God – some for the first time in their lives and begin to catch a vision for the possibilities of life in God’s Kingdom, of what it might mean to have an adventure to live.

Women’s Adventure Ministry

A women’s approach that holds deep opportunities for healing, hope, growth, and the development of real “organic community” for women within a congregation who are willing to step out and risk. Women’s adventures can be mellow or extreme, depending upon the needs of a particular group, and they typically take place within a camp setting in order to provide some measure of comfort for those who need it. In development now, is “Metamorphasis”, our ladies study that provides groundwork and preparation for ladies adventures.

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