3rd Friday 50-Cent Movie Night - Light of the World

Christian Themed Movie Night - Light of the World

There’s nothing like an evening at Light of the World Christian Church with some good eats and a good string of movies. Establish a movie night in your family.

Feature Films for Families offers the types of movies that our church can be proud to show in their homes. They run across all genres. The one thing about Light of the World Movie night is that they were developed to encourage discussions when the movie is over. Kids and adults can interact regarding their thoughts on the movie. These movies tackle such subjects as cultural diversity, racism, triumph over adversity, and friendships put to the test.

The theme for your movie night could be the genre of film or it could be a character or event from the Bible. If your subject is Jonah or stubbornness, find as many movies as you can that are either about Jonah or the trait of stubbornness. They can be from any genre. Each time you host a movie night let a different person choose the theme and the others each choose a movie. For the sake of curiosity, let everyone say why they chose their particular film.

The theme of the night can also come complete with games and costumes. Let the family dress up as a character that fits the theme. If it is the Old Testament, there will be no shortage of Biblical figures including Adam, Eve, David, Esther, Ruth, and Daniel. For a vegetable theme, a night full of laughter with the Veggie Tales would be in order. Who would you be: Bob the Tomato or Larry the Cucumber?

Theme movie nights can be fun for the entire family. The snacks can also have a theme. Come up with unusual names like the Bob the Tomato BLT or the Garden of Eden Salad. With the play on words, kids can come up with plenty of delicious food for the occasion.

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