Image Bearers

Who are we? We are a group of Christian parent's whose children have 'special needs'. What does that mean? It means anyone who requires more than the usual help to live our the world/society. Of course, lots of people are 'special'. Gifted people are considered 'special' as well as anyone who has 'special' circumstances. However, we use the word to describe those children(and adults)who, by their 'difference', have great difficulty managing the educational, emotional and the physical requirements of our society. These include, physical, mental, emotional and cognitive deficits. This includes diagnoses like: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Down's Syndrome(including all the chromosomal syndromes), Tourette's, spina bifida, bipolar disorder, ADHD, depression and anxiety disorders such as OCD, PTSD, as well as psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. Our purpose is to include not exclude and support each other by word and deed. But mostly, it's to help us deal with our challenges with compassion, relying on the grace of Our Lord, Jesus Christ and the love of His Body, the Church. We share, pray and offer our own experiences of success (or even failure) to encourage each other. We are all imperfect beings with imperfect lives, but all share the strength of our faith as the cornerstone of our lives, Jesus Christ. If you have a child( or former child, i.e. adult) with any type of 'special' needs, please join us on the first Sunday of each month around 12:30-12:45pm We usually bring our lunch, but sometimes have a pot luck lunch on special occasions, like Christmas, Easter, etc.We would love to have you come. Childcare can be provided if needed. Join us!

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