Light Of The World Worship Team

Light Of The World Worship Team

Ascribe to the Lord the glory due His name;
worship the Lord in the splendor of His holiness.
–Psalm 29:2

Worship is the 24/7, life altering, schedule shattering purpose for our existence.

We were made to worship God – to make His praise glorious!

When we gather each and every weekend for corporate worship, we participate in a variety of activities designed to praise God and give back to Him in love for all He’s done for us. The purpose of our weekend worship service is to bring glory to God – to please Him! Through this process, we seek to encourage and uplift believers and draw seekers into the awesome, loving presence of God.

So, you wanna be in the band, huh? Community's Worship Team is always on the look out for what God is bringing our way. If you think you have been gifted by God to serve with this ministry team, here are the steps to Stepping In:

Step 1: If you love our music and our heart for worship and you’d like to see what we’re all about, come on a Saturday and get to know the team. We’ll make you feel right at home and welcome.

Step 2: We are looking for those who have the time, the talent and the heart for service of this kind:
  • TIME is an important factor for all of us. Different teams require different amounts of time and energy, and no one is expected to be actively involved every service, every weekend.
  • TALENT While ministry is certainly not showbiz, our worship and our service demands a standard of excellence that we are committed to pursuing. Interviews and auditions are a necessary gift assessment.
  • HEART We are all on a spiritual journey and we are a team helping one another grow and develop in Christ. We need team players who have a heart for service giving glory to God for his faithfulness not our own abilities.

Step 3: Submit a completed Ministry Commitment Profile

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