Merck Forest, VT and Cape Ann, MA

The next trip to Merck Forest, VT - Ned's Cabin - will be June 8 -10, 2018.  Details coming!
The next trip to Cape Ann, MA will be July 12 - 14, 2018.  Details coming!

The Cape Ann Camping Trip, July 2017

The Merck Forest, Vermont Hiking/Camping Trip, June 2017

Crosswalk  - Light of the World Christian Church - Milford, New Hampshire

Good Friday Crosswalk was initiated in the 90’s as a Milford Christian Academy School event. Since Milford Christian Academy is now closed, the church has continued this outreach. Traditionally we walk thru the center of Milford carrying a cross reverently with students and families from other churches participating. We stop to pray at the Milford Oval, the center of community activities, and then proceed to Light of the World Church.  This is a multi-church event now; therefore, a Good Friday Service has been added to this event following the Crosswalk.
Walk with Christ - Light of the World Christian Church

The Crosswalk this year is on Friday, April 14th at 5:30 pm. We will meet at the Edgewood Plaza and walk to the Oval for prayer and a performance by "Saving Grace Dance Ensemble"; then we will continue to walk to LWCC. Following the Crosswalk at 7 pm will be a Good Friday Service at Village Bible Church of Amherst, 25 1/2 Middle Street, Amherst, NH.

Here are more pictures from this year's Crosswalk!

Saving Grace Dance Ensemble

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