Youth/Young Adult Group

Our Mission: Raising disciples for Christ – Light of the World Christian Church Youth/Young Adult Group

Our Youth/Young Adult Group

Our youth group meets on a weekly basis. The schedule is almost always Wednesday nights from 7:00- 8:30 p.m. at the Birch's home, unless otherwise informed through email. Come on out for fun, time to hang out with friends and to discuss a spiritual teaching God has for us that night.

Establishing an Identity in Christ

The worldly culture we are living in today is full of ideals about what your identity should be. From the media and high fashion industry telling young women what true beauty is, to extreme muscle builders showing that young men need to be strong in order to be manly; the culture we are in is full of misleading ideas of the truth. We hope as youth group leaders to expose our community of youth to the real truth of who God says we are to be. We have a God who unconditionally loves us and wants to have a deep relationship with each of us. Our hopes are to encourage the youth to grow in their knowledge, understanding and relationship with Jesus Christ. ~Josiah and Chelsea G.

Our vision of Light of the World Christian Church is to join the generations. We desire to partner with parents who are mentoring their teens and participating with them through the journey into young adulthood. We have creatively established many opportunities to cultivate this. So, as you browse through the many events that are offered, please remember that adult participation, whether parent, older sibling, aunt or uncle, is encouraged.
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