Worship in the Park

Worship in the Park will be Sunday, August 19th, 2018 at 10 am. Come join us Sunday morning for a time of worship and hearing from God's Word.  This is a multi-church event. More details to follow.

On Sunday, August 27 at Keyes Field in Milford we came together for Worship in the Park 2017.

The theme this year was "Partners in the Gospel." We had a multi-church praise band and Pastor John Nuxoll from Christ's Church of Amherst ministered the Word.  This year the offering went to Community Action for Safe Teens (CAST). A number of people from SVUP churches have been working with CAST as they address the opiate problem.

Worship in the Park was a unique opportunity for us to publicly declare the name and good news of Jesus, and at the same time show a culture overwhelmed  with division and anxiety that when people gather in Jesus' name there is unity, love, hope and power.

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