Tent America 2019

Special update:
The plan for the tent for our area is to be open at Keyes Field (45 Elm St, Milford, NH) from Thursday, 10/17 at 9 pm through Friday, 10/18 at 9 pm. Now adding Saturday as we fill in hours see schedule posted here. If the weather, rain and/or wind is still too bad on Thursday, we will move, for the night, just one mile down the road to the Milford House of Prayer (MHOP) which is located in the modular building next to the main Light of the World Christian Church building at 273 Elm Street, Milford, NH. Then, if we have had to move to MHOP, when the weather clears we will move to the tent at Keyes field. If it is necessary to to move to MHOP the decision will be made by 6:00 pm on Thursday and it will be posted on the Tent America Keyes Field Milford NH Facebook page and on lwccnh.org (Scroll down and look under "RECENT BLOG"). If you don't have access to the Internet at that time of day just come on down to Keyes Field and if you don't see the tent then come over to MHOP, it's not far.
Musicians are welcome to bring an instrument and join in.
Everyone is welcome to come and worship and pray.
The format is that of a typical prayer meeting with acoustic worship. It is very informal and people are welcome to drop in any time. We will most likely have some heat in the tent. This is not an overtly evangelistic event but usually God provides some opportunity to share the gospel and people do get saved and many people are prayed for.
Let's use this opportunity to pray for the welfare of our community, state, nation and churches in the region.

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