About Us in 2017

Light of the World Christian Church

Light of the World Christian Church was incorporated in 1979 under the name of Liberty Christian Fellowship. These were the exciting years of a young church, with new believers meeting in rented buildings on the Milford Oval. The founding members were young in age with growing families.

Soon after being incorporated, the church purchased land and the building on 273 Elm Street – the location of the Monarch Diner, which had recently burned down. Reconstruction and a large addition began. In 1997 a new sanctuary was added as well more classrooms for the growing Christian school. The church and school changed its name to Light of the World Christian Church and School and in 1989 (LWCC). The school changed its name one more time to Milford Christian to reflect the community they serve.

The diversity in rooflines reflects the three additions to the current building. We chose to remain in this location because of the proximity to community happenings. The school and the church grew until 2009 when the school closed. Both church and school families were disappointed when finances prevented the school to continue. The new fellowship hall is a product of the renovated school space.

LWCC has had three pastors in its 33 years. Mark Williams started the work in 1979. Kyn Gdanian continued the work for 20 years; he remains in our church and serves as community group leader and on the leadership team. Paul Sontag has served as the pastor for the last four years and was previously the principal of the school for 20 years. For much of that time, resources from the church were directed to the school. The church members believed that the Lord had given them this ministry; hence, it was difficult to let it go. The church and school worked together to develop a prototype homeschool and Christian school model. A visitor will see clearly that the prior school space has now been redirected to other ministries and purposes.

The best way to characterize our church is a family. The church started that way and remains that way today. Our camping holidays on both Memorial Day and Labor Day take the majority of the church up north to the Connecticut River backcountry for all types of recreation. We even named a ministry after these activities: Amazing Adventures. We use these events to invite friends into our church family with the hope that they will be won to the Lord. When most churches tend kickback in the summer while our schedule gears up with more youth events, outreach, and recreation.

Our community involvement was initially through our Christian school which gave us a multitude of opportunities to serve and witness of his love. We have a number of yearly events that you can see under the Outreach tab. Milford Summer Basketball League (MSBL) has served the community for 17 years and involve some 180 youth, ages 10th grade through high school. It is a great outreach and service to the surrounding towns.

Presently prayer and missions are the focus of our Church family. We are studying Jim Cybala’s “When God’s People Pray” series. As far as missions are concerned, one of our own just returned from 2 years of service in Namibia. As a church family, we are studying the 1st Principles Series from Bild international School of Church Planting and Leadership Development. For more info visit Bild.org/antiochschool Our goal is to develop a relevant, biblical and cultural mission strategy for the Souhegan Valley. It is our desire to co-labor with other churches in the Souhegan Valley. We desire to be faithful to our calling in our generation where God has planted us to see the baton passed on to the next. Paul Sontag, Pastor