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At LWCC we believe strongly in the importance of prayer. While that plays out differently in the life of every believer, we provide many opportunities to gather together to pray.

Some are in person, some are over Zoom and some are a combination.

In addition to the scheduled times listed below, on Sunday mornings there is usually an opportunity for people to receive personal prayer after the worship service. If there is not and you desire personal prayer, please speak to anyone who was up front during the service and they can direct you to someone who would be happy to pray with you.

Intercessory Prayer

Saturdays 8:30am at LWCC

Will be held in-person and over Zoom Meeting 

Working with Laptop
Working with Laptop
Prayer Chain

Our church has a network for prayer via email.

Email us with your requests and it will be sent out to our in-house Prayer Warriors to intercede on your behalf.

One Church, One Day Prayer

On the first Thursday of each month, many members in our congregation have taken a time-slot for prayer. This is a 24-hour prayer time to intercede for our communities, our leaders, and for one another.

If you would like to get involved, send us a message down below!

Image by Debby Hudson
davids tent.jpg
David's Tent

David's Tent is planted in Washington, D.C. and is a constant worship and prayer service on the National Mall lawn.

Our church has been involved with David's Tent for the past few years, taking a week or a few days to represent New Hampshire.

Tent America

In 2019 & 2020 we participated in Tent America by sending worship teams and prayer leaders to the Tent on the NH State House lawn during New Hampshire’s assigned days of the Tent America’s 100-day procession of God’s presence across America.


In previous years we have participated in other ways as it has taken other forms.

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